Strength Through Knowledge

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The North Staffordshire Ju-Jitsu Academy was originally formed in 1972 by David J Hand, a 1st Dan with the BUDO G.B. and in 1977 the World Ju-Jitsu Association.

However, the Academy's syllabus began to diversify from the strict Ju-Jitsu techniques of Jimmy Blundell and Robert Clark, the key members of the W.J.J.A. David offered a new, innovative form of martial art as yet unseen in the UK, Chi Ryoku Kempo Ju-Jitsu.

The growth of the Academy beyond the confines of the Staffordshire border resulted in a change of name to that of the Bushi Kempo Ju-jitsu Academy. The Academy joined the Amateur Martial Association for its insurances and to ensure it remained an independent force within martial arts and retain its right to teach its own unique syllabus.

In 1981, as more and more of David's students achieved black belt status they themselves opened up their own clubs to teach and the Academy's membership swelled to nearly a thousand students. At this point, the Academy became an Association responsible for sourcing its own insurances and licensing its own membership independently of any other martial arts body.

David Hand, 7th Dan, retired in 1995. The Association is now under the administration of Carl Jones, 6th Dan. Carl joined David as a Junior student in 1974 and studied with him for many years prior to becoming a professional martial arts instructor in his own right.

The name of the Bushi Kempo Ju-jitsu Association has become synonymous with quality instruction, student care and the freedom to train.