Strength Through Knowledge

KEVIN GOODBY 4th Dan (yondan) 

I first became interested in ju-jitsu in 1994 after Sensei Les Mansfield introduced me to Sensei Bill Griffiths. Initially I thought ju-jitsu may help me to recuperate after quite a serious motorcycle accident.  However I soon found myself totally drawn in by how full the art of ju-jitsu is. Having previously trained in karate/judo/kendo and kung fu I found this particular art seemed to suit me the best. I have travelled up and down the country being Uke to Sensei Bill Griffiths 7th Dan at numerous seminars. I have made some great friends from all over the world in all different styles of martial arts.


Ben Simkins 1st Dan (shoden)


I was introduced to Bushi kempo Ju Jitsu and the Blurton Club by Drew Longson. I wanted to get fit but was bored of gyms and the repetitive nature of exercise. Drew asked me to go to a session (it was actually 6 months of sustained badgering, for which am truly grateful to him for his persistence! ) from the very first lesson I was hooked. Not only was I improving my physical fitness and stamina(which you can do in any gym or exercise class ), I was also learning a practical skill at the same time (self defence). Other benefits of note are an increase in my confidence, self discipline, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. As a Shodan I take great pride in our club and the fantastic members we have and every session I still something new. In fact you could say that my true learning is just beginning.         

Junior Instructors

     Jamie Griffiths 1st Dan (shoden) 
      Trainee Instructor Jacob Manchester Junior black belt
I first started martial arts in 2006 at the age of 8attending Shotokan Karate-Do in Burslem.I trained there for three years before a friend suggested try ju-jitsu with them
I discovered that I enjoyed ju-jitsu more than Karate, and that it taught me greater self defence skills, so I started to train with Sensei Ruebens at various locations across Stoke-on-Trent .
In late 2010i began training at Kempo-ju-jitsu-Blurton as a orange belt, and with lots of help from Sensei Billy and Sensei kev as well as the other great members at the club,
I was able to achieve my Junior Black Belt 3 years later in October 2013

 Eduard Buzila Sensei from Germany



3rd Dan BKJJA Ju-Jitsu

          2nd Dan in Allstyle Karate and Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu.
        The German representative of the Bushi Kobu Jutsu Kyokai and the Butokukai Fellowship.